Alibaba Is Expanding Its Cloud Services To The U.S. To Give Amazon New Competition


Alibaba, the Chinese commerce firm which held the largest IPO in history last year, is bringing cloud computing services in the U.S. after it announced a data center in Silicon Valley.

The base — the location of which Alibaba isn’t revealing for security reasons — is the first for its Aliyun division outside of China, where it claims 1.4 million cloud services customers. The company has four data centers in China and one in Hong Kong, and it plans to expand that reach into Europe and Southeast Asia before the end of the year.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Microsoft are among the dominant cloud players in the U.S. and Aliyun will offer a number of similar services. That includes a virtual serve, load-balancing for companies running websites, and a data processing and storage cloud. There is also a data security service that guards against DDoS attacks — YunDun — while Aliyun will provide large-scale data storage in the…

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