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Each one of these people of faith died not yet having in hand what was promised, but still believing. How did they do it? They saw it way off in the distance, waved their greeting, and accepted the fact that they were transients in this world. People who live this way make it plain that they are looking for their true home. (Hebrews 11:13-14 The Message)

Beverly Mitchell returned to her Douglasville, Georgia, home after a recent vacation to discover that things weren’t exactly as she left them. It was obvious that redecorating was going on — carpet was torn out of her rooms and one room was repainted. The pictures in the house, she noticed, were not her pictures; smiling at her from them were the faces of people she didn’t recognize. There was a washing machine and dryer in the house, and Beverly didn’t own either. The biggest surprise was that there was a dog in the house. Beverly didn’t own a dog. Now the dog was the biggest surprise in the house until Beverly came face-to-face with the person who was living in her house.

Turns out that her name is Beverly, too. Her name was Beverly Valentine. Beverly Mitchell didn’t know her. Near as she can tell, she had never laid eyes on her. But, she had apparently moved into Beverly Mitchell’s house, along with her dog and washer and dryer. She was wearing Beverly Mitchell’s clothes, had replaced all her pictures with her own, and had begun redecorating her house. She had apparently even changed the electric service over to her name.

No one is sure exactly why she decided to move into Beverly Mitchell’s house. It seems obvious that Beverly Valentine’s plan wasn’t going to work. Beverly Mitchell’s house couldn’t possibly be her home for very long. It seems so obvious that you wonder if Beverly Valentine’s mind wouldn’t allow her to see that. Or did she just not care that it would only be a temporary home. And why redecorate? You wonder why she would choose to put down roots somewhere she knew she couldn’t be for very long.

While we’re wondering, let’s wonder about ourselves, too.

Let’s wonder about ourselves, because something very much like what Beverly Valentine did goes on day after day in our world. We human beings choose over and over to make our homes in a place that can never be home for us permanently. We put down roots in a place we know good and well we won’t be for very long. We have a remarkable ability to convince ourselves that this world can and should be our homes, and we go to great lengths to maintain the illusion that this is where we belong.

We redecorate. We work for career advancement and larger paychecks and better benefits. We fall in love and marry and divorce and fall in love again. We buy new houses, new cars, new toys, and new clothes. And we do it all, often for only one purpose: to convince ourselves that we’re at home. To make this world seem a little more like home.

Don’t misunderstand: there are some good things in this world. There are people we love and things we enjoy doing. There’s beauty and joy and goodness; this world still bears its Creator’s fingerprints. It’s a nice place to visit and the Lord has something for us all to do here. But, as we live here and work here and raise families here; as we invest and save and prepare for retirement; as we meet our responsibilities, enjoy our hobbies, enjoy music, walk on beaches, and go to football games; and as we go about lifein this world, we must remember something very important — something fundamental. This is not home.

No amount of redecorating will make it home. Nothing we can buy, achieve, attain, earn, or find can make it home. If we make this world our home, we will always be disappointed. Sooner or later, like Beverly Valentine, we will be forced to acknowledge that what we wanted to be our home wasn’t a home for us at all.

The Bible tells the story of people who often forgot to keep their eyes on that truth. The best of us forget that this world isn’t home for us. But, the true people of God are those who have realized that there is no place to call homein this world. They accept the fact that they are “transients in this world” — folks just on a journey to another place.

This is not home.
We are “transients in this world.” How do you like that “t” word? Makes you think of ratty hotels, desperate people, and gritty lives, doesn’t it? Good!

Transients are exactly what we are: we’re just passing through, happy with food and shelter, but not intending to make ourselves at home. Until we understand that the trappings of home that this life offers are temporary and illusory, we won’t live with the proper perspective. We’ll put down roots and get comfortable. We’ll think all is well until something — death, sickness, divorce, bankruptcy, layoffs, family trouble — comes along and ends the charade. And then we’ll be left with nothing.

Instead, Jesus calls us to live with a vision of a home that’s too big to be contained by this world. He calls us to be homesick for the place he has gone to prepare for us and anxious for the day he comes to take us there. He calls us to see beyond the pull and responsibility and demands of this world to the promise of God’s kingdom. He calls us to look always for our true home and live as if that’s the greater reality. Because it is. It is.

Let the promise of a home better than this one be your pulse, your driving force. Let it bring a dose of reality to all the false urgency and pretentious importance of this world. Let it keep you from ever being content with the home you have here. Discontentment with the world might be God’s greatest work of grace in your heart.

Nothing you try will make this world your home. It just isn’t a suitable home if you’re a child of God. There’s something in you that will only be home when you see the face of your God and your Savior and rest at peace in his arms. Then you’ll see that this home is what you’re made for. That’s what your heart beats for. Only then will you be content and secure.
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Numbering barely seventy-five when Israel’s family arrived in Egypt, within four hundred years Israel’s descendants had grown to more than a million people. Eventually an Egyptian king rose to power who had no knowledge of Joseph, and he made the descendants, whom they called Hebrews, into slaves. Fearing their potential strength, the Egyptians worked the Hebrews mercilessly, and as their numbers grew, so did the oppression.

God was not deaf to their cries, however. God chose a Hebrew infant named Moses to grow up to lead his people out of Egypt and into the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Under God’s watchful eye, Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s palace and given all the benefits of royalty. But when he was forty years old, he killed an Egyptian who was beating one of the Hebrews and ended up running for his life and losing himself in the desert. For the next forty years, the chosen deliverer of God’s people lived the primitive life of a shepherd in the Sinai wilderness.

The LORD said, “I have seen the troubles my people have suffered in Egypt, and I have heard their cries when the Egyptian slave masters hurt them. I am concerned about their pain, and I have come down to save them from the Egyptians …. So now I am sending you to the king of Egypt. Go! Bring my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt!”
But Moses said to God, “I am not a great man! How can I go to the king and lead the Israelites out of Egypt?”
God said, “I will be with you….” Moses said to God, “…What if the people say, ‘What is his name?’ What should I tell them?”
Then God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” When you go to the people of Israel, tell them, ‘I AM sent me to you.”‘
God also said to Moses, “This is what you should tell the people: ‘The LORD is the God of your ancestors—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He sent me to you.’ This will always be my name, by which people from now on will know me. ‘
EXODUS 3:7-15
On one of those run-of-the-mill shepherding days at the foot of Mount Sinai, Moses happened upon a most unusual sight—a flaming bush that refused to burn up. As he walked closer, the puzzled shepherd heard God calling his name from the bush. God asked Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing in God’s presence on holy ground. God didn’t want anything — not even sandal leather — to come between them. Then the almighty God introduced himself not only as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but as the I AM God — the God who was and is and is to come.

Even though it would be years before Moses would be able to see it, everything that had happened to him up to that moment had prepared him for God’s call. God was about to reach down into the oppression of Egypt and rescue the descendants of Israel and lead them home to the land he had promised their ancestors. This humble shepherd was God’s handpicked deliverer — the director of God’s relocation project.

Uncertain that the king of Egypt or even the leaders of Israel would listen to him, Moses balked. But for every “what if…” Moses raised, God had a “do this ….” In fact, God provided his hesitant leader with everything needed for the task — God’s powerful, personal presence and a transformed staff full of surprises. Moses had no more excuses. By accepting God’s call, he was thrust out of a wilderness of obscurity and into a powerful partnership with the I AM God.

Reflection: God transformed more than Moses’ staff. He gave his partner new vision, a new mission, and new resources. By accepting God’s invitation, eighty-year-old Moses came out of retirement, not because he wanted it, but because the I AM God wanted it.

God has plans for everybody: projects, opportunities, responsibilities, tasks, and callings, and he doesn’t allow anything to come between him and his called person. So, take off your mask, check your fears, admit your inadequacies, accept the call, and get ready for your own encounter on holy ground. You are a child of the present-tense God who knows your past and, in spite of it, invites you into a future with him. He is still the I AM God, and his promise remains, “I am with you.”

by Phil Ware and Paul Lee.

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Single…Not Alone
Posted by Yuki

ou’re sitting alone. You are cold, tired, and wet. The rain runs off your hair and drips down on your already soaked collar and through your flimsy jacket. You’re lost. The trees look threatening. It’s late in the afternoon. “Why didn’t I bring my cell phone?” you think to yourself. It’s sitting in the front seat of your car right now. “Why in the world did I do this?” you ask yourself.

Well, you thought you needed a little “time away,” so you drove out into the countryside. Parking alongside an old logging road, you took off walking and thinking about your life. That was hours ago. Now you are lost. Really lost.

Those “big issues” you were contemplating suddenly don’t seem to matter much now. The problems you now need to solve are elemental and primal — food, rest, safety, and warmth. A warm shower and a soft bed sound like heaven. But, you are lost!

Have you ever been lost? I mean REALLY LOST?

It concentrates the mind in an amazing way. All the survival mechanisms kick in as you struggle to keep a clear head. In that first panic of lostness, you face two alternatives:

1. Run screaming through the woods thinking about living out your own version of “The Blair Witch Project.”
2. Assess your situation and decide what to do next.

Here’s a hint: Despite 1) being the overwhelming urge at the moment, 2) is the only real answer.

That idea is totally frightening.
Being lost can happen physically and it can happen spiritually. To be lost spiritually means separation from God. That idea is totally frightening. To me, physical lostness is nothing compared to being lost spiritually.

Lostness can also mean separation from your own identity. Lots of things can do this to us. Dealing with a life trauma or a death can cause self-alienation. You move to a new city and you are both excited and scared. You don’t know a soul. You feel unconnected. That lost feeling sometimes can be overwhelming. Some try to mask the feeling with drugs, alcohol, sex, money or whatever else our culture is peddling at the moment. You want something to make that feeling of dread disappear and sense of loneliness evaporate.

Sin is the number one cause of spiritual death. It’s a little three-letter word we don’t hear much these days. It means to “miss the mark”, to fall short of God’s glory, and everyone is guilty according to Romans 3:23. It says ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Our sin stands between God and us. As a result, we are lost, separated from God.

What can we do?

What we could never do by ourselves or for ourselves, God did by sending Jesus. When we deserved it least and were trapped in the lostness of our own sin, God sent Jesus to redeem us and be the sin offering for us (Romans 3, 5, 7). That’s the message of love in John 3:16. We come to Christ, confessing him as Lord while trusting in his death and resurrection (Romans 4 & 10). We are baptized, to share with him in that death and then to be raised to a new life (Romans 6) empowered power of his Holy Spirit (Romans 8). We are no longer lost, but found. We are no longer dead, but alive. We are no longer alienated, but one with God in Christ.

Have you done this yet? Have you responded to God’s love? God has done it all through Christ. Have you accepted this gift and obediently responded to the gospel of Christ? Don’t wander around lost anymore! Leave the lostness of the woods, get in the car and come home! Now, let’s get back to our lost person on the mountain and help him get home, too.

As you sit, cold and wet, you begin to examine possible ways out of this horrible situation. You are determined to find a way back out of this mess. Suddenly, you remember the old scout trick: you retrace your steps. It’s easier now because the rain has filled your footprints with water. Gradually, step by step, you find your way out of the woods. Suddenly, there’s the car! With shaking hands, you unlock the door, get in, and turn on the heater. Eventually the heater’s warmth works its magic. You are warm both outside, and inside. You are found. You are safe. You are warm.

Have you found your way back to God in Jesus? It’s the most important thing you’ll ever do. Come on! Be found! It’s okay to be single, as long as you’re not alone! Come home, where you can be safe and warm.

by Cary Branscum
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Friends and Friendship
Posted by Yuki

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

You can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself, he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job. (Laurence J. Peter)

A lot of people go through life with only a few friends. It seems that some have less than that. They have no one on whom they can call in good times or bad. There is no one with whom to bounce ideas around, or to talk about deep and troubling subjects. They have no one to call in times of need or difficulty. They are at the mercy of life, standing alone.

Others seem to have a multitude of friends. Wherever they go, people know them, and like to be around them. Should trouble strike, their biggest hesitation might be over which friend to call. They know exactly the person with whom to discuss the topics of inquiry and debate. Life is full of entertaining and invigorating relationships because it is full of friends.

There ought to be a course in school on friendship. Of course, some people are perfectly happy to operate with fewer friends. They might rather have a few deep and loyal friends, than many superficial ones. Others thrive best when friends are everywhere and numerous. It is not so much the number of friends that is important as is the possession of friends, period.

Friendship is a blessing…
Friendship is a blessing, and a friend is the channel through whom great emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical blessings flow. Friends can cheer us when we’re sorrowful or depressed. Friends can challenge us when we allow ourselves to get beyond our reasonable boundaries. Friends can motivate us when we’re ready to give in, and they can provide for us when life falls apart. They are there when all is well, and we want someone with whom to share life’s pleasant and memorable moments. We often just want them around to have a good time, to laugh, to act silly, to enjoy some mutually liked activity. In how many ways have friends enriched our lives and made us feel loved, accepted, respected and cared for? Probably, too many to list, and the list grows daily.

It is safe to say that when God created the world and all the majestic things in it, when he streaked the heavens with radiant color and the earth with grand mountains and awe-inspiring canyons, when he painted the plains with waving grasses and erected noble forests of towering trees, he outdid it all by creating friends. Why not take a moment or two and thank someone today for being a friend to you?

May God bless you with all the friends you need, and may he turn you into a blessing by using you as a friend to others.

by Dr. Bill Denton
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Alleviating high storage costs while complying with e-Discovery laws
Posted by Yuki

Computer Technology Review, Spring, 2007 by Scott Young

Many small to mid-sized companies face a seemingly insoluble problem-new eDiscovery laws that mandate they be able to capture and reproduce email traffic, but they cannot afford to comply. They either lack sophisticated archiving software, or simply cannot afford additional storage area network (SAN) storage for Microsoft Exchange. However, new email solutions are emerging that take a very different, and far less expensive, approach to storage.

Exchange’s architecture is hard on storage systems because it requires about five systems operations for one send. All these writes, rewrites, and commands clog I/O, and each of those operations is stored in Microsoft’s Jet database. As a result, Exchange requires storage with many fast, expensive disks-a requirement that is out of the price range of most small and medium-sized businesses.

To get around these limitations- and to deal with the need for backup windows-Exchange administrators limit the amount of storage available to users and employ fiber-channel-driven, dedicated SANs. While SANs are great storage appliances, they can drive the cost per TB of storage well above $15,000. To compound matters the growth in message storage requirements, and the resulting increase in backup and restore times, is the most serious problems facing messaging management.

Limiting the size of mailboxes isn’t a viable solution to the storage problem; it simply forces users to move their messages and other data elsewhere, usually to .pst files stored locally on their individual machines. The inability to access locally stored data leaves many organizations unprepared to meet new requirements for eDiscovery under the December 1, 2006 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Non-compliant organizations risk incurring millions in fines, losing countless IT hours, and damaging their reputations because they cannot respond- or respond quickly enough-to litigation requests for electronic evidence.

Given the storage issue, what should small and mid-sized companies do? Risk not complying with the law or compromise their finances? Neither is an attractive option.

Leveraging Linux to Solve Storage Problems

Today a third option has emerged, one that enables companies to comply with the new eDiscovery laws and pay only about $2,000 per terabyte for storage. This option is a new type of open-source-based email server that provides a plug-compatible alternative to Exchange but has a very different approach to storing data. Such an email server offers a simple solution to storage problems by using the Linux file system for its storage and giving users bottomless email boxes on low-cost commodity storage configured as a live email archive. Because the server requires only a single connect to the file system and uses single-instance storage for both send and receive, it works with a far less expensive processor and requires less space on much lower-cost storage systems. Using the file system as the primary data store instead of a database can also simplify the search and retrieval operation.

This approach to storage thus eliminates the Jet database altogether in favor of leveraging the speed, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of modern file systems found in Linux operating environments. This approach makes the email server’s storage as easy to manage and maintain as any file server’s and eliminates the need for an intermediate database that can fragment or become corrupted.

This approach also simplifies the storage model; each user has his or her own folder within the store, and each folder contains subfolders corresponding to such Exchange categories as Calendar, Inbox, Sent Items, and others. Within an individual subfolder, each message is represented by a file. Thus the basic approach of the store is “one file per message.” In addition, “single instance” storage for large files means a large attachment sent to many users is stored only once.

Leveraging the file store this way offers a significant performance improvement and potential cost savings. Performance improves because the file system approach, unlike the database approach, does not have multiple levels of indirection between the email and the storage subsystem. This performance improvement allows the organization to choose from a wider array of lower-cost storage options.

“Lean Infrastructure” for Storage

A “lean infrastructure” approach to storage employs direct attached storage (DAS). With DAS, the first level of redundancy is typically provided by a software or hardware RAID-5. An external disk array that supports hot-swapping of drives and RAID-5 enables fast data transfer rates and easy drive replacement if a failure occurs.

Total cost of a DAS storage configuration can be quite modest-as little as $2,000 for one that includes a redundant pair of internal drives that provide 80GB of storage for the operating system and applications and 1500GB of usable storage in an external enclosure that includes a four-way RAID-5 with drive hot-swap. Note that this high-density, low-cost storage is not particularly high performance. However, when this storage is combined with open-systems-based email server software that has been carefully optimized to use storage efficiently, the result is a high-performance system. Contrast this with Exchange, where use of such low-cost storage would deliver poor performance. The combination of low-cost storage and high-performance, low-cost, server software makes it significantly easier for organizations to meet eDiscovery requirements.

IT can configure either Exchange or the open-source email server to forward a duplicate of every email (both inbound and outbound) to the open-source server. IT must configure the server as an eDiscovery archive using standard SMTP-based email forwarding. Access to this secondary archiving server is limited to “privileged” users who are allowed only to search for and retrieve court-required email. This approach costs far less than enabling Exchange’s journaling feature. No additional Exchange servers are required, and no Exchange-specific archiving products are needed.

An open email server environment also provides advantages for distribution list handling and for security. Distribution lists are completely expanded on the single server, rather than on separate servers as with Exchange, an approach that leaves open the possibility that a complete distribution list expansion may be missed because of an error on another server. In addition, the open-source server sends the data onward to the archiving/eDiscovery server in a single step before the email is written to the mail store, thus reducing errors and the possibility of dropped messages. Compared with Exchange 2007, the Linux-based Exchange alternative is more flexible and less expensive to operate when configured as a live eDiscovery archive.

Eliminating complex mail storage–SAN, storage cards, configuration issues, implementation time- and leveraging a live eDiscovery archive based on simple commodity storage using a Linux-based email server system gives small and medium-sized organizations a low-cost alternative to meeting eDiscovery requirements.

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YouTube is most popular web for searching about video. This is a step for download the video :
a. Copy the url you want to download at youtube
b. Paste at
in Download videos DIRECT from most video sites Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it here
c. Select YouTube and press download
d. Waiting for the download bar at the bottom
e. Choose ›› Download ‹‹ (.flv – Flash Video)
f. After you download the file, rename it from get_video to get_video.flv
g. And klik save

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Iklan Etology
Posted by Yuki

Iklan ini bentuknya seperti iklan Adsense, tapi bukan AdSense atau Adbrite. Namanya iklan Iklan ini mirip dengan Adbrite, yakni sistem ads targeting. Artinya, setelah kita memasang kode iklan di blog, kita menunggu pemasang iklan membeli ruang (space) yg kita tawarkan itu.

Namun jangan kuatir space yang kita tawarkan itu kosong sampai ada yg membeli, karena etology ini juga menawarkan Ads
network. Jadi, sebelum ada pemasang iklan khusus di blog kita, space kita akan diisi dengan iklan Ads network tadi. Seperti
tampak pada header blog ini. Ini artinya, iklan Etology tampak lebih baik dibanding Adbrite. Selain itu, harga awal yg diberikan Etology jauh lebih besar dari Adbrite.

Walaupun Ads targeting, tapi sistemnya sama dg AdSense yaitu PPC (pay per click). Kita akan mendapat bagian setiap ada yg
mengklik iklan Ads network. Sementara kalau ada yg hendak “menyewa” ruang iklan di blog kita, maka harga awal yg ditetapkan
Etology adalah sbb: 1 hari= 1 dolar, 7 hari = 5 dolar, 30 hari= 20 dolar. Anda juga bisa menaikkan harga tersebut dengan
merubah setting.

Pembayaran dapat melalui cek atau paypal dll. Untuk sementara saya coba melalui paypal karena pembayaran minimum bisa 30
dolar. Artinya, kalau pendapatan kita sudah mencapai 30 dolar, maka akan dikirim ke paypal kita. Kalau belum daftar paypal
silahkan klik banner paypal di bawah (footer).

Apabila tertarik, silahkan mendaftar

Untuk lebih details bagi yg masih ragu-ragu, silahkan baca-baca FAQ -nya di situs tsb.

Bagi yg sudah daftar dan agak bingung memulainya, klik menu “Sell Ads”. Ada beberapa submenu di situ seperti “Add Website”
dll. Mulailah dari “Add Website” ini untuk memasukkan situs/blog yg ingin memakai iklan etology.

Oh ya, satu hal lagi. Karena iklan ini bersifat Ads targeting, maka tidak apa-apa apabila kumpul dengan AdSense seperti juga

Catatan: iklan ini cuma bisa di blog gratis berbasis / blogspot, tidak bisa di Bisa juga dipasang di atau (berbasis wordpress).

sumber :
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Tutorial Blog

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Cara pertama :
1. Anda harus punya account di G-MAIL.

2. Anda harus membuat blog dulu (Lihat caranya di HOW CAN MAKE A BLOG)

3. Buka

4. Pilih SIGN UP NOW!!!

5. Lengkapi datanya (saat memilih website english saya rekomendasikan pilih yang english jangan indonesia karena terkadang ditolak)

6. Jangan lupa juga isi nomor telepon anda di mulai dengan prefix 62, misalnya nomor telpon anda 02167424433, maka isilah nomor telp dengan 6221674548555

7. Centang semua jika muncul :

AdSense applicants must agree to adhere to AdSense program policies (details)

I agree that I will not click on the Google ads I’m serving through AdSense.

I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.

I agree that I can receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above.

I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content.

I certify that I have read the AdSense Program Policies.

8. Centang pilihan pertama jika muncul :

Would you like to have a single account for all Google services?

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1. I’d like to use my existing Google account for AdSense.

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Setelah itu akan muncul KOTAK isian LOGIN, lalu loginlah dengan username dan password yang sama dengan username / password yang anda daftar di WWW2.BLOGGER.COM itu.

9. Tunggu email dari mereka beberapa hari kemudian, yang berisi “CONGLATURATIONS !!”

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Story about wisdom
Posted by Yuki

A very rich wealthy man was standing thoughtfully on a bridge. Despite of all his riches, he could feel none of happiness but sorrow and emptiness hollow in his heart. He intended to commit suicide by jumping into the raging water.
When he was about to do it, a filthy beggar approached him. “Sir, please give me some money to buy some food. I will pray for your health and long life.”
Hearing this, he took out the wallet from his pocket and gave all the money inside to the beggar. “Take all of this,”he said.
“All of this?”the beggar repeated. He could not believe his very luck.
“Yes, take it all. I am going to a place where i wont need it anymore,” said the man. He looked back at the river below.
The beggar felt suspicious with the man’s attitude. Looking at the money, and holding it for a while, he hurriedly returned it and said, “No thank you, i wont take it. I may be a beggar but i am not a coward and i am not going to receive any money from a coward! Bring that money with you to the river sir!”
Hearing his response, the man was very shocked. The satisfaction and happiness of him giving his money to the beggar vanished instantly. Even to make the beggar receive his sincere soon-to-be-useless money, he was not able to.
At that moment, he suddenly realized that the feeling that he felt just now, that good feeling and satisfaction from giving others happiness, had indeed in turn became his own true happiness. By this he was enlightened, and had found what would make his life worth living. Read More…


Posted by Yuki

Dapatkan penghasilan Uang dari ngeblog….clic link share di bawah, ikuti petunjuk berikut :Setelah kita membuat account blog dan memposting artikel, kita bisa membuat blog kita menghasilkan uang. Caranya mudah.

1. Daftarkan diri Anda, klik gambar link share dibawah

2. Klik Join, lalu isi data diri Anda.

3. Setelah aplikasi disetujui, Log in di member area, pilih menu “create link”, copy link yang ada lalu tempatkan di blog Anda.

Setiap orang yang Anda referensikan menjadi anggota afiliasi, Anda akan mendapatkan $1.5 . Juga Anda bisa berafiliasi dengan merchant-merchant yang tergabung di link share, pasangkan link mereka, Anda akan mendapat komisi Pay Per Sale, mulai dari yang $10 hingga $100.

Pembayaran komisi akan dibayar melalui cek yang akan dikirim ke alamat rumah Anda.

Welcome to the LinkShare Create Links Page

LinkShare offers affiliates the opportunity to earn money by referring other affiliates to the LinkShare Network. Earn $1.50 for every valid referral that registers as an affiliate with LinkShare and generates at least one click-through within 30 days of registering.

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sumber :
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Sister and Brotherly Love
Posted by Yuki

Source: Real Story, Anonymous

I was born in a far village by the side of the mountains. Day by day, my parents plow the dry yellow soil with their backs facing the sky. I have a brother, three years younger than me. At one time, just to buy a hanker chief, in which at those times all the girls around me have one of their own, i stole 50 cents from my dad’s locker. Dad eventually realized it very soon. He made me and my brother kneel down facing the wall, with a thick bamboo stick in his hand. “Who stole the money?” he asked. I froze dead with fear, too afraid even to move a muscle. Dad didn’t hear anybody confessing, so he said, “Fine, if that is so, both of you shall be punished!” He raised th e bamboo stick highly from above getting ready to strike us. Suddenly, my brother grabbed his hand and said, “Dad, i was the one who did it!”

That long thick stick then stuck his body countless times. Dad was so furious that he kept on whipping it on him until dad ran out of breath.
Afterwards, he sat on our red bed of bricks and scolded, “You have learnt committing theft in this very house now, what other disgracing deeds would you commit later in the future? You deserved to be hit to death! You shameless thief!
That night, mom and me embraced brother in our hugs. In that middle of the night, i suddenly started crying. My brother shut my mouth with his small hand and whispered softly, “Sis, don’t cry anymore. It all had passed.”

I still always hate myself for not having enough courage to step forward confessing my crime. Many years had passed, but that incident still felt to me like yesterday. I would never forget that look on my brother when he protected me. At that time, my little brother was 8 at age, and me 11.

When my brother was in his last year of the junior high school, he graduated well to proceed to prefectural senior high school. At that same night, i was accepted to enter a provincial university. That night, my dad sitting on the backyard, taking his tobacco pack, one by one. I heard him grunted, “Our two children had very good results…such good results…” Mom wiped her tears and drew his breath, “What is it use for? How could we afford to support them both at the same time?” Right at that time, my brother walked out towards dad and mom, and said, “Dad, i don’t want to continue my school anymore, i have read enough books.” Dad swinged his heavy arm and hit my brother straight at the face. “Where did you get such a damn shit weak spirit from? Even if it requires me to beg money at the streets, i shall school you both until the end!” And so he knocked every house in the village to borrow some money. I drew my hand as gently as i could towards my brother’s swollen cheek, “A boy must continue his schooling; or else he would never leave this valley of poverty.”

Me, on the other hand, had decided not to continue to university. Who could expect at the next day, before dawn, my brother had left home with some of his old clothes and few dry nuts. He slipped to my bed and left me a note:”Sis, to enter a university is not easy. I will go find work and send you money.” I hold that paper on my bed, and cried endless tears till i almost lost my voice. At that year, my brother aged 17, and i was 20. With all the money that my father had borrowed from the whole village, and the hard earned money that my brother earned from moving bags of cement here and there at a construction site, i finally reached my third year at the university.

One day, i was studying at my room, when my roommate entered and told me, “There is a villager waiting for you outside there!” Why would a villager look for me? I walked out and saw my brother from afar, his whole body was dirty covered with cement ashes and dust. I asked him, “Why didn’t you tell my roommate that you are my brother?” He replied, smiling, “Look how bad i looked. What would they think of you if they find out that i am your brother? Wouldn’t they laugh at you?” I felt so touched and my eyes started to get wet of tears. I wiped off the dust and dirts from my brother’s clothings and said, “I don’t care what others say! You are my brother no matter what! You are my brother no matter how you look…” From his pocket, he drew out a hair clip shaped of butterfly. He wore it to me, then explained, “I saw all city’s girls wearing it. So i think you should also have one.” I couldn’t hold myself much longer. I pulled him to my hug and cried on him. At that year, he was 20 years old, i was 23.

At the very first time i brought home my boyfriend, the broken shattered window was replaced, and everywhere in the house seemed cleaned by then. After my boyfriend went home, i danced like a little girl in front of my mom, “Mom, we don’t need to spend so much time like this to clean our house!”

But she said, smiling, “It was your brother who went home earlier to clean the whole house. Didn’t you see the scar on his hand? He was injured fixing the new window glass…” I went in to my brother’s little room. Seeing his skinny thin face, i felt like a thousand needles stroke through me. I put on some healing oil on his injury and bandaged his wound. “Did it hurt?” I asked him. “No, no, its not. You know, when i worked at the construction site, stones would roll and fall to my feet at every time. Even it didn’t stop me from working and…” At that middle of the sentence, he stopped. I turned back my face and body away from him, shedding unstoppable tears from my heart. At that time, my brother was 23, i was 26.

When i got married, i lived at the city. Many times my husband and i invited my parents to come and live with us, but they never want to. They said, once they leave the village, they don’t know what else to do. My brother disagreed as well, saying, “Sis, just take care of your parents-in-law. I will take care of dad and mom here.” My husband became the director of his factory. We wanted my brother to get job as the manager at the factory in maintainance section, but my brother refused the offer.

He stubbornly started his work as repairman. One day, my brother was on a ladder to fix a cable, when he got an electric shock, and was hospitalized. My husband and i went visiting him. Seeing the white bandages all over his his feet, i complained, “Why did you refused to be a manager? Manager doesn’t have to do such dangerous things like this. Look at you now, such a serious injury. Why didn’t you listened to us before?”

With a serious look on his face, he justified himself, “Think about my brother-in-law, he just became a new director at that time, and i am almost uneducated. If i was hired as manager like that, what kind of bad impact he would have on his reputation?” My husband’s eyes was also filled with tears, then i said in my cry, “But you were uneducated was also because of me!” “Why talk about the past?” My brother grabbed my hand. That year, he was 26 and i was 29. My brother was then 30 years old when he married the daughter of a farmer of the village. In his wedding, the mc asked him, “Who do you respect most and you love most?” Without even thinking, he answered, “My sister.”

He continued telling back of a story that even i could hardly recall. “When i was in primary school, the school was at different village. Every day my sister and i would walk for two hours to get to school and to return home from school. One day, i lost one of my glove. My sister gave one of hers to me. She just wore one and walked that far. When we reached home, her hand shivered so much of the very cold winter that she could not hold her chopsticks properly. Since that day, i swore, for as long as i live, i shall take care of my sister and be good to her.”

Applauses flooded the hall. Every guest then drew their attention to me. Very difficult words i said out of my mouth, ” In my life, the person i am most grateful of is my brother.” And in this most happy moment, tears flooded from my eyes like river.

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