Kalau tiap peradapan punya suatu bangunan khusus pada zamannya yang mengisahkan kehebatan pada zaman itu, layaknya piramid pada masa mesir kuno, maka pada abad ini kita punya internet wonder yang bisa mengghubungkan every person in this whole world. Tidak hanya mengghubungkan sesama, internet saat ini juga dijadikan sebagai penghasilan baru yang membuka banyak kesempatan mencari keuntungan. But sangking luasnya internet ini sampai-sampai kita butuh guide yang harus membimbing kita untuk mencari informasi pada dunia serba ada ini. nah salah satu guide yang paling terkenal kita adalah mbah Dimana biasanya kita berkonsultasi untuk mencari apapun di internet ini.

Menurut survey yang dilalakukan oleh situs tahun 2008 dicantumkan bahwa list situs web paling ramai diduduki oleh situs pencari paling terkenal, kemudian disusul kedua oleh tetap situs pencari dunia

nah selengkapnya lihat ini top 30 situs paling ramai dunia:


1. Google

Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company’s focus is developing search technology.

2. Yahoo!

Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.

3. Myspace

Social Networking Site.

4. YouTube

YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

5. Facebook

A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

6.Windows Live

Search engine from Microsoft.

7. EBay

International person to person auction site, with products sorted into categories.


An online collaborative encyclopedia.

9.Microsoft Network (MSN)

Dialup access and content provider.




14. seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Site has numerous personalization features and services including one-click buying, extensive customer and editorial product reviews, gift registries, gift certificates, wish lists, restaurant and movie listings, travel, and photo processing.

15. Megaupload

Megaupload is a “leading website of the world” for transferring files easily, with complete security and free of charge.

A searchable directory, news, stocks, sports and free e-mail.

17.The Internet Movie Database
Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules.


CNN – Cable News Network

Includes US and international stories and analysis, weather, video clips, and program schedule.

19.Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing

Provides image hosting for auctions, live journals, blogs, message boards, personal websites and online photo albums. Reliable, fast and very simple to use.

20.Microsoft Corporation
Main site for product information, support, and news.


Picture galleries available with social networking, chat, groups, and photo ratings.


Users can upload up to 100 meg files for sharing. Provides downloads of 100 megs per hour on the free service. Premium service also available.


A service for journals and blogs, that also offers privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates, and online communities for many interests.
Offers forecasts for cities worldwide as well as radar and satellite maps. Also includes news stories and allergy information.


Technology focused news site where the stories are chosen by community members rather than editors.

28.AOL Instant Messenger

The official Web site of AOL Instant Messenger. Exchange messages with friends, family, and colleagues online.


Includes FAQs, walkthroughs, message boards, user submitted reviews, and codes for all console and computer platforms.

30.The New York Times

Online edition of the newspaper’s news and commentary. [Registration required]
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